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Notifications list really slow to load

The Old Man

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Just wondering if there's any reason why here on these IPS forums, it nearly always seems to take 5-6 seconds to load the notifications pop up list (when you click the bell icon near the top of page)?

If you are reading a topic, open the list with the bell icon, wait 5-6 secs for it to load, then dismiss it, scroll down the rest of the replies on the same page without loading a new page, then scroll back up it to click on it again, it takes pretty much another 5-6 secs to appear, suggesting it's not cached?

Does the delay signify any potential slow down elsewhere for the same community suite in other areas, whilst the query is running?

I know your IPS Coud is specifically tweaked for the IPS suite so I was surprised how long it takes here in particular or whether in fact it's working as intended?

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