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On 2/16/2019 at 9:05 AM, VladislavD said:

Hello, how to make the saved answers add to the text and not replace it?


2 hours ago, DamonT said:

Is there any chance for such update now? It would be much more elastic and useful 😉

What's New in Version 1.0.4:

  • Added a new setting to admin decide the reply editor behaviour:
    • Replace the editor content by the Canned Reply content
    • Append the Canned Reply content to the editor content

Default to current behaviour( Replace ).

Content will be insert where the cursor is if you're using the APPEND option.

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But I meant sorting in the drop-down list, not there.
You could do a sort like this:


I created a lot of repies, but I would like to sort them, e.g. according to the ranks that should use them (some team groups can only use specific repliese - contractual rule)



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Thank you so much for being a client!

The Invision Community Marketplace is closing on October 30, 2023, so I am moving all of my files over to my personal site www.sosinvision.com.br.

You will find information on my website www.sosinvision.com.br:

Bookmark https://www.sosinvision.com.br/ and the new Marketplace Directory www.Invisioneer.org.  

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