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editor not loading (sometimes)

Steven Thacher

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Anyone else run into this issue. 

When clicking on the compose new message the editor isn't loading (as Pictured)


This seems to only happen when there isn't already an instance of the editor loaded. So if you are creating a new thread, or go to the actual inbox and reply to a message it will load correctly.

This seems to happen randomly on the forum I try all the normal stuff to clear it up.

  • Clear cached data
  • clear browser cache 
  • Clear cloudflare cache 
  • Reset default settings on the editor.

Usually it ends with me submitting a ticket and it gets resolved quickly but no feedback as to what was the problem so i can prevent it from happening or just quickly fix the issue myself. So i was just wondering if anyone else runs into this from time to time?

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My community's users see this happen from time to time. Certainly, I have experience it as well. I even get it sometimes clicking to reply to a post and that editor box simply will not expand. For myself on my own community, I have this happen to me usually once or twice a week. It's never permanent, just a small annoyance. But I can confirm it exists.

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