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Image Gallery limitations? Or silly user error (me) ?


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Struggling with using the IPS image galleries on my site.   ( I'm a firefighter, not a tech guru, and my laptop senses my frustration and is starting to fear the axe.  haha )


1) Is it possible to create a gallery images using just the "record images" from a database?  So as new entries are made, the record image from the new entry would be automatically added to the gallery.  I've tried using 3rd party slider widgets, but not really what I'm after.   I want to automatically pull only the images that were designated as record images into a gallery.

2) Is there a way to create a user gallery per member, that is attached to the member profile?  So each member can create their own gallery... and anther can see it when they visit the profile?

Can't find a way to do either of these things.  

Thanks so much if you can help!  

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1. No, there's no functionality as you want.  However, you can check out Album Link by @Kevin Carwile that allows you to link an existing gallery album to a record.  

2. This is default functionality.  Just allow permissions for your members to start uploading albums or images to gallery, and you'll see the albums appear in a new Album tab.  

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Thank you @Joel R.   Appreciate response.  

1) I'll check out the Album Link app.   Might be able to find a use for it as well, but it sure seems like pulling a record image into a gallery would be a standard feature.... to visually showcase DB entries and invite people throughout the site.    At least the way my weird brain works.  

2) On the user gallery... thanks for info.  I knew everyone could create a gallery but didn't know how to customize a profile, so that the gallery is right on the user profile page.  I think maybe my question is then, how do I modify the profile page format?   I'll keep searching and trying.

Appreciate your insight.  Hope I'm not wasting peoples time with my technical deficiencies.   LOL

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