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VAT/Reverse Charge Plugin custom development


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Hello Developer,

since that question came up quite a few times, but no solution here, I am looking for a developer to enable a custom developer (so not for the market place) to support

- European VAT

- Reverse Charge rules in Europe

- Correct GEO IP VAT billing

- VAT check (if somebody provides a correct VAT) through one of the API Services.

Please contact me by PN with a quote and time frame.

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5 minutes ago, DawPi said:

@MarianHärtel declined the project. 

Yes sorry, but to make clear. It was a business decision and had nothing at all to do with a pricing or DawPi as a developer. It more has to do with the fact, that I also deem IPB by far not ready to be used as a commercial product. IP.Commerce is way too much behind of all other solutions to have a secure a flexible shop being available. I will now have something realize it through a different solution on another platform and only used IPB as a community.

On 15.3.2018 at 7:35 AM, opentype said:

Not sure why it say “not for the market place”. I and many others in Europe also require this functionality and nothing about it needs to be just tailored to one specific site. 

This mainly was because I do not want to be 4 digits to somebody and he then puts it on the marketplace ;) I would have been more than happy if somebody would have deloped it JUST for the marketplace.

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@DawPi has successfully done such a similar 4-digit project for me exclusively in the past and Marian and I were talking about these developments before. Though there are some smaller bugs in the current coding (according to forgotten checks we didn't perform with guest usage cases after the initial completion...), I would love to see it further and steadily developed as an ongoing process. Maybe it would be a good idea to crowdfund such an EU VAT application with many more features and with many IPS sponsors as I can't afford to sponsor such huge amounts for ongoing development alone...

To be true, I'm willing to sponsor a lot stuff (and bucks) to the marketplace (and I engage everywhere I can), but as soon as the project invest is in the 4-digits area (as well as in the 3-digits working hours for creating solution concepts done by me before to check all legal requirements and think about every smart integration possibility...), then it's time to have more customers willing to pay for it.


On ‎19‎.‎03‎.‎2018 at 12:57 PM, MarianHärtel said:

It more has to do with the fact, that I also deem IPB by far not ready to be used as a commercial product. IP.Commerce is way too much behind of all other solutions to have a secure a flexible shop being available.

Unfortunately I have to confirm this. After my previous basic EU VAT development job was successfully done in the past, I encountered several problems with the shop/downloads hooks that I wasn't able to foresee during the development period (I thought changes or enhancements to the plugin will be easy if the ground work is done, but that seems not to be the case). So basically we did the VAT implementation only for "paid downloads", without reverse charging, VAT ID integration or B2B aso. On top of that: As paid memberships (digital subscriptions) or other digital products in IP.Commerce are a digital service too, all of it would have to be reworked. The IPS framework just doesn't separate physical and digital services and taxing smart enough to have a proper solution for all the existing modules. And it will become even worse if you have third party applications for selling digital stuff.

What I said again and again is:

  • @ IPS: Please let us have a "EU business operations club" here on the IPS platform to get all the EU business customers centralized together to share their knowledge and create common concept plans for future development of such legally required applications! The same questions occur again and again and finally many potential customers just give up because there is no basic understanding nor aid assistance for this.
  • @ IPS & third party devs: Please consider creating your software in a way, so other devs can implement special taxing rules hooking into your apps.
  • @ all interested users: Please tell us, if you are interested in crowdfunding and willing to spend some hundred bucks each into such projects. You can show us your support by telling it publicly or sending a confidential PM to me.

Maybe we can get more (new) IPS sponsors to help out with required financial capital and convince DawPi to rework older projects to a full EU Business & VAT application on the IPS platform, as every clever admin out there will see the problems arising and just start develop on different platforms.

Think about it! Creating professional solutions for more EU customers will be a benefit for all customers and IPS!



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Nice idea, love to participate in it. 

I was talking with one of the developers here and made an extensive research in the last days and the result is that I will use WooCommerce as the E-commerce Plattform and use IPB only as the community part, in which is strong undoubtedly. If you would have IPB Developers develop everything that is already available in the WooCommerce store you likely would have to pay a developer 6 digits and wait for 15 months (not to mention the work to write down all the features) etc...and with that I only mean the larger WooCommerce plugins and the official ones ;)

If you add on top what you mention the basic design flows in IP.Commerce, which eventually might not even fixable by plugin developers, the result (if you want to set up a serious business) can only be: don't care for IP.Commerce and IP.Downloads, save the money and use WooCommerce ;)

IBP is a good community and might be even better with 4.3...but it is completely useless as a commerce platform, even without the blatant ignorance of the developer towards non-US business users ;)

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