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Commerce: Different stock levels/prices depending on field


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The setup of this functionality is ill-conceived as far as I can see. 

It’s a product option, so it should be set up when a product is created, but the function is not available without linking the product from the custom field first. 
But when I go to the field first, I also cannot link it, since there is no product to link to yet. It’s like you are trying to send us through the Asterix madhouse

I have to set up the product without options first (and hide it from everyone because it’s not ready yet). Go to the custom fields, like that one product from EVERY single applicable custom field (and there could be many). Then open the product again to activate the options. Not a big deal for a single product, but with many products and options, this can really become a nightmare. 

The right way to do this should be obvious. The detour through the custom fields makes no sense and the options should be made available from the product itself. Just as we select tax options, group options and so on from the product page directly without having to go to other ACP sections first to link the specific products. 



And in case that gets tackled one day: There is also this problem with the custom Commerce fields … (I think it was mentioned in previous topics before)


Once defined the ordering of these values cannot be altered without affecting existing values.

I read that as: we know we could have set that up properly, but we were in a rush. So good luck! We hope you custom options will never ever change or you are screwed. 

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