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ERROR 500 after updating + activating Amazon S3

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I updated to the latest version of IPboard. I'm using an VPS and have a Wordpress installation (membership site ) and IPboard (community).
It’s connected through SSO and after the update (which went fine) I wanted to add a new file storage option (Amazon S3).
This is where the entire system went bananas and now I’m hit with the screen you can see below. 

If i hit refresh on that page I get this information on a naked skin forum without access to posts or backend:

RuntimeException: COULD_NOT_SAVE_FILE (0)
#0 /home/webbforetagarna/public_html/medlem/forum/system/File/File.php(263): IPS\File\_Amazon->save()
#1 /home/webbforetagarna/public_html/medlem/forum/system/Output/Javascript/Javascript.php(954): IPS\_File::create('core_Theme', 'root_library.js', '(function(){fun...', 'javascript_glob...', true)
#2 /home/webbforetagarna/public_html/medlem/forum/system/Output/Javascript/Javascript.php(921): IPS\Output\_Javascript::_writeJavascript('(function(){fun...', 'library.js', 'global', 'root')
#3 /home/webbforetagarna/public_html/medlem/forum/system/Output/Javascript/Javascript.php(765): IPS\Output\_Javascript::_writeJavascriptFromResultset(Array, 'library.js', 'global', 'root')
#4 /home/webbforetagarna/public_html/medlem/forum/system/Output/Output.php(477): IPS\Output\_Javascript::compile('global', 'root', 'library.js')
#5 /home/webbforetagarna/public_html/medlem/forum/system/Output/Output.php(248): IPS\_Output::_getJavascriptFileObject('global', 'root', 'library.js')
#6 /home/webbforetagarna/public_html/medlem/forum/system/Dispatcher/Standard.php(73): IPS\_Output->js('library.js')
#7 /home/webbforetagarna/public_html/medlem/forum/system/Dispatcher/Front.php(610): IPS\Dispatcher\_Standard::baseJs()
#8 /home/webbforetagarna/public_html/medlem/forum/system/Dispatcher/Front.php(75): IPS\Dispatcher\_Front::baseJs()
#9 /home/webbforetagarna/public_html/medlem/forum/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(103): IPS\Dispatcher\_Front->init()
#10 /home/webbforetagarna/public_html/medlem/forum/index.php(12): IPS\_Dispatcher::i()
#11 {main}


The credentials in conf_global.php match (I haven't changed anything) and the database is there too. I've logged in through cPanel to make sure.

ANY ideas on how to solve this?


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Wow.. I thought it got only for our installation and this error connected with our Ceph storage system (Amazon-line but not full compatible). So i created special hook for \IPS\File\Amazon for correct using Ceph. Sometimes we get this error when we doing upgrades (hook are not connects on update stage.. bad story.. :( ). So for that case we just comment throw error and proceed next and after finish upgrade just clear all cache via ACP. So try to comment line 185 and 305 in \system\File\Amazon.php for turn on ACP (it may be in plaintext without css and js) and go to you file storage settings for switch storage place to local folder 'upload'. Then you can resiolve source of troubles. It may be incorrect permissions in S3, some route problems or other. You can read what exactly wrong with adding some reaction near lines, which i describe (185 and 305). There are some empty catch \Exception $e. Try to print it directly (if it not production) with something like catch( \Exception $e ) { var_dump($e); die; } or catch( \Exception $e ) { \IPS\Log::log($e, 'amazon-could-not-save-file'); } if you need to make it silently (go to ACP and watch what is happened in that exception. There may be some info from amazon. If not - print/log $response variable. It should contain plain answer from Amazon).

Anyway.. i think this question is ok for Support Ticket too. Good luck ;)

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