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FURLs: Four Types

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I did 4 FURL entries for the same url, other than a type= at the end, where I could change up the friendly part of the url, but have them all point to the same file and method.

I put type=one, type=two, type=three, and type=four in the actual "real" part.

For some reason when I then use those 4 links, two of them have "/&type=two" and "/&type=three" in their friendly urls, and the OTHER two don't have type=one or type=four in the friendly url!

edit: I jumped the gun making this topic, as I figured it out quickly. What happened is I was generating the links in a foreach loop and I accidentally had the seo template names reversed for two and three. lol. Also, I'm sure I could have done this setup a different way, but I didn't want to fool with figuring out an alternative.

edit2: blah I realized how to do it as 1 template, but I don't know that it's worth the time to redo it that way. That's why it takes me forever. I'm constantly rethinking everything.

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