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Pruning Inactive Memberships...

Allen Bradford

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I like to keep a clean ship so have developed the habit of Pruning/Deleting old inactive Memberships. This began when I was still on the old Software Ikonboard (I was likely one of the last survivors of that BB Software.) It was PERL based and the less data baggage the better, and I also Pruned old Topics, saving the best to an Archive Forum.

How would one Prune "Dead Wood" Memberships on IPS, preferably a Mass type Prune rather than one at a time of course. With the criteria being a Member that had not signed-in to the Board for let's say 2 years. (That's an arbitrary number. My Board is 16 years old and I've had Members completely disappear and suddenly reappear 5-10 years later.)

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There is (was) an addon Application for 3.4.x that has a great system for automatically removing inactive members:

  • If a member was inactive for x days, they would be moved to a particular group and notified.
  • If they logged in, they were moved from the group they were moved to back to their original group and all was good.
  • If they still didn't log in after another x days, their account was deleted.

I don't think the author ever made a 4.x version - the old version was called "Manage Inactive Members 1.5.3"

There seems to be a similar extension now though:


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