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Group assignment on registration

Big Smoke

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I have a problem where any new members who sign up to my forums are instantly assigned to the group "member" once they're validated, as opposed to the group "applicant." Is there a way to fix this and change it to the applicant group and if so HOW! fix needed urgently. 

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  1. Download conf_global.php via FTP
  2. Edit the file in a text editor
  3. Locate 'member_group' and modify the number there to the ID number of the group you want as the default group
  4. Save the file, upload it back to your server.

If you don't have FTP, or are cloud hosted by Invision, then contact your host directly via support and ask them for assistance.

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I'm not sure why you have 2 topics on this. You essentially have 2 options currently, as explained in both topics.

Option 1: simply rename the current Members group to applicants, and change their permissions to be the permissions you want applicants to have access to. Then add a new members group and add their own permissions, and promote those who are already members into this group. This takes care of the on-register (as the default would be applicants this way as well). This is probably the easier method if you aren't sure of your ability to make the change required in...

Option 2: change the default member group as explained above. That can only be done on self-hosted licenses, unless you enlist IPS support. You will need a new group and that group's ID#.

Either one of these options would fix your issue.

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