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[Feature request] Insert links on special keywords


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In order to optimize our communities for SEO, that would be great to have the ability to insert links on special keywords.

In the admin CP, we could have a list of keywords, each associated to a link.

For instance, if I have a page on my website about Ferrari cars, I would like to be able to link the word "Ferrari" to that page about Ferrari.

Then, each time a member writes the word "Ferrari" in his posts, that would create automatically a link to that page (only if that word is not already in a link, of course).

Would it be possible?

Note: even better, only the first occurrence of this word would have a link. Otherwise, that would create too many links (imagine a post where the word "Ferrari" is written 20 times).


Thank you! :) 

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If by any chance Invision is interested in developing such a feature, here are my 2 cents on how it should work:

• As I said above, only one instance of a keyword should have a link (for instance the 1st one in a post). Otherwise, that would create too many links, which is really bad for SEO.

• If I have for instance the keywords "Ferrari cars" and "Ferrari", the longest keyword should take precedence over the others (the link should be created on "Ferrari cars" and not "Ferrari").

• In the admin CP, for easier management, it would be great to be able to define several keywords for one link.

• It would be also great to be able to define a "nofollow" option for the created links.

• The created links should not appear in the content of messages, i.e. if a member edits his post afterwards, the links should not appear.

• If a link is modified after that posts have been created with the associated keyword, then the link should be modified accordingly, without having to re-edit the members posts.


Thank you! :) 

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