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4.3 Editing Post Feature


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Good Day,

My apologies if I'm posting this in the wrong forum. Please move it and me to the right one if necessary.

In the New Features section on the 4.3 blog (I think), I saw the following...

  • Setting so when someone is typing in an editor, other members will see a "Member X is typing..." status in the editor view.

My community is a storytelling RPG so we do a huge amount of editing of one another's posts (the edit history is an awesome safeguard!).

My question(s) regards a little more detail on how this new feature will work as it will make our writing lives about perfect!

  1. If Person A is actively editing a post, does that show to Person B if they have not yet clicked edit?
  2. Do both Person A and Person B have to be actively editing to see one another typing (i.e. is is more like GDocs)?
  3. If Person A finishes and clicks save/edit, is that going to boot Person B out or overwrite their work?

#1 would be beyond awesome. We'll take what we can get though!

Thank You!

~ Stormwolfe

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