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redirection after vb4 upgrade to IPB


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Dear all,

  1. I had an existing forum at /forum while one vb4
  2. Now I moved to root domain with IPB 
  3. As IPB takes 'forums' by default, the earlier link like: website.com/forum/text-text.html now are website.com/forums/text-text.html
  4. Now I want all the earlier URL with website.com/forum-text-text.html to point to website.com/forums-text-text.html

Any help will be appreciated.


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as far as I know you have two methods to redirect URLs: 
1. The settings System > Advanced Configuration > Friendly URLs
2. Using .htaccess redirects or rewrites

Your description is a bit confusing, you write (3.) website.com/forum/text-abc.html now are pointing to website.com/forums/text-abc.html?
Is this on stock IPB? I am asking because this is not the case on my IPB.
Second, you write (4.) that you want to rewrite other URLs referring to website.com/forum-text-abc.html without the /forum-part?
Are those different URLs you are talking about?


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