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Pages - display of all entries from the subgroup in the main


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- Urządzenia mobilne - https://www.purepc.pl/newsy/urzadzenia_mobilne

- Monitory - https://www.purepc.pl/newsy/monitory

- Pamięci masowe - https://www.purepc.pl/newsy/pamieci_masowe

Why is it not possibile in pages, very illogical :mellow:

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Main category (monitors1, notebooks1, RAM1, SSD1, monitors2, monitors3, RAM2, RAM3 ...)

- sub category Monitors (monitors1, monitors2,monitors3, ..)

- sub category RAM (RAM1, RAM2, RAM3, ..)

- sub category Notebooks (Notebooks1, Notebooks2, Notebooks3, ..)


Don't allow to show im main category those inside sub-category.

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Categories are like folders on a hard drive. You see the content of the folder you have opened. 
If I open a the root folder of my hard drive, I don’t want to see 3 million files from every sub folder. That makes no sense. If I open the DVD category on Amazon I don’t see 100,000 DVDs at once. And so on …
There is nothing wrong with categories. If you have a lot of them, you might use the Database Category Widget so people get a better understanding of the structure. Also, it helps not to mix categories with content. A category which either has only sub categories or only records is easier to understand. 

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