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Sticky Contact Us button (Support Topic)


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54 minutes ago, opentype said:

No. And copying some text from a blog on the internet doesn’t prove the opposite. 

In any case: I merely add a button to access IPS’ contact form. I won’t change its functionality.

Ok no worries, I will stop guests using the button

I only posted that info as it was quick and easy to try and explain

The actual info came from a GDPR laywer in a webcast so I am fairly confident it is fact.

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On 5/14/2018 at 1:29 AM, gabs007 said:

I know I'm a pain ..   ??‍♂️  but, can I make a request ? 

Could you add an option to redirect to an specific url, instead of opening the IPS contact form? I'm interested, but I need to use my own forms.

On my websites, when users click on "contact me", they open a page in IPs that loads a Zoho Form or a Jotform. 
This form is like a step by step process or a survey, where I guide them through a series of questions/answers. For example, the 1st question is "why do you want to contact me." .. possible answers: "I want to have my account deleted", "You have pictures that I want you to remove", "I need help setting up a professional profile", "I have a business proposal" etc.
Depending on the 1st question/answer, I give them specific instructions until I ask for their names, email . This way I get specific problems that I can address more efficiently. 

I came here to ask the same exact question. @opentype Any chance we can have the ability to set a custom URL so that clicking the button takes them to that specific URL? I use the Custom Contact Us plugin and I really need to have this plugin open that contact us form instead of the default IPS contact us form. This would really make this plugin perfect for my needs. Thanks in advance!

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6 minutes ago, loccom said:

@opentype Not sure if this has been asked, but can this be enabled only on commerce pages or set urls? having this on the main forums we will get a barrage of questions relating to cars. Just need to have on our membership page

It’s a good feature request. No plans at this time though. 

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