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Copy a forum and topics living topics in old forum.


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Hello, I want to create a new forum, and move all topics from an existing forum, but not delete topics from the old forum, is it possible? I want to leave a copy of the existing forum with all its messages.


Forum A (existing) - Leave forum and topics after coping them to other forum.

Forum B (new) - > Copy topics from Forum A.

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5 minutes ago, Nathan Explosion said:

Could you clarify what you mean by "Forum A" and "Forum B" - are they:

  1. Two different forums on the same site (e.g.http://domain.com/forums/forum/1-foruma & http://domain.com/forums/forum/2-forumb)
  2. or two separate sites (e.g. http://domaina.com/forums/forum/1-foruma & http://domainb.com/forums/forum/1-foruma)

He’s talking about forums (a collection of topics); not boards (a collection of forums, like IPS Community). :)

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