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Commerce with Free Item


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Here is my situation that I'm trying to get to to work.

I'm selling tickets, Adult and Student and want to give a free shirt to the first 100 that buy a ticket.

How do I setup the free shirts?

I have a product for: Adult Ticket, Student Ticket, Shirts

I have tried the following
1. Shirts are $100 and if you buy a ticket they become $0.
The issue with that is they could buy 50 shirts for $0 instead of just one or however many tickets they purchased
2. Shirts are $0, but need to be associated with a ticket purchase.
The issue again is I can then buy 50 shirts...for $0.
3. Putting the shirt inventory with the tickets
The issue there is the inventory isn't correct because it is for two different products.

Any help with how to set this up would be appreciated.


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The only way that I can think of is: Automation Rules by @Kevin Carwile

  • Create your adult and student tickets as normal in IP.Commerce
  • Create an ECA in Automation Rules with the following definition:
    • EVENT: if buy an Adult Ticket or if buy a Student Ticket 
    • CONDITION: shirtcount>= 0
    • ACTION: shirtcount-1 & assign new shirt product to user
  • You would define a new shirtcount = 0

This is just off of my head, but the logic is more or less there.  Otherwise, my other suggestion:

  • Manually pull up the inventory.  
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