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signup / popup newsletter request.


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Hi there,


I'm almost sure this already exist, but couln't find. Anyone can give me a link to an plugin/application that makes this possible?

I would like to collect mails from people who visit my website like this example:


Thanks in advance!



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7 hours ago, BomAle said:

I suggest my plugin for this request

I can provide a template for sign up form and a two column layout.

Does the pop up show when visiting the website? And when the guest enters email for newsletter, does it save this anywhere?

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On 25-2-2018 at 3:59 AM, BomAle said:

 see this video


aha, nice. 1 more question, what if users already registered? does this pop up come everytime they visit the website or every page?

Or can you make it not visible on people already registered like cookies/ip etc

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The video show the popup only for guest user, you can use group filter option for easily setup (select all groups except Guest).

There are more feature that may interest you, but remember that at present it is possible to manage only one configuration (in the future the plugin will be converted into an app so you can create multiple instances).

the system stores a cookie that remembers when popup was closed, when it expires (7 days default) or when changes on admincp (if "last edit" is active) it will reappear.

If occur a custom setup I am glad to provide a solution.

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