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I can´t figure out why the month names in the upcoming events widget shows the text %OB.
It have worked before, but after last update this happened.

Anyone have any clue?
For a breath of a second when loading the page, the correct names are displayed.



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5 hours ago, MDPP said:

@Castel Do you, by chance, run your forum on FreeBSD? If so, I've submitted a ticket about "%OB" showing up on the upcoming calendar widget since "%OB" is not a valid time string for FreeBSD.

BSD (and derivatives) walk to the beat of their own drum. The POSIX standard for date format was changed years ago - every other operating system I'm aware of utilizes nominative dates to provide for proper case in different languages -- that is %OB. BSD is stuck on genitive format, which is not "appropriate." This has come up a couple of times and while we considered accommodations specifically for BSD, the reality is it accounts for .6% of all web traffic and I would estimate even less than that for our customer base. We try to avoid OS specific accommodations - it gets hacky. 

I believe you can now update glibc to get proper support on BSD. Unfortunately, that's all I can offer or recommend. 

Hope that helps.

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14 hours ago, Daniel F said:

AFAIK we have fixed this for 4.3:)

Indeed! I just upgraded my test site to 4.3 Beta 2 and the Upcoming Events widget is working as expected. I'll update that in the plugin description that it is fixed in 4.3.

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