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Import JUST forum/core data into NEW install?

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So when my board was on IPB 3 I installed a lot of extra skins and mods, and all of the non-forum suite apps, none of which I want to use anymore. I now only want to use the forum (including posts and forum structure) and core (including members), and in terms of skins/mods nothing more than the first-party assets that come packaged by default. This is primarily to save storage space, reduce data usage, and minimize maintenance, especially since the other stuff wasn't really being used.

Is there an easier way to get this done than the way I've in mind, which is to upload everything then delete the stuff I don't want anymore, seeing as that method could take a while, cause issues if I delete something that shouldn't have been deleted, and result in remnant material that still takes up space/usage? If there's a way to create a new installation, then import just the forum/core data for a nice clean install with the essential content that doesn't require any cleanup, that would be ideal. If there's a tool or documented process that can do this please let me know.

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