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  • Nginx just released http/2 server push, and with apache supporting it, it would be great to have an option to add the Link header for preloading static assets.
  • On some pages, for example Payment Methods in commerce, if you successfully add an IPN, and go immediately to add another without clicking off it will not work.
  • The donation page header is a bit too close on the default theme, compared to the other pages with the same header.3fd35e0958722ba4b13b904b63ad5b5b.png.e521698a9c6a44e71f64b19789a99b2c.png
  • In commerce, if you enable to use Secure Checkout, it can error out but it's not exactly specific as to why, and any other changes you made on that page are reverted but the frontend doesn't reflect these changes, which threw me off initially.
  • In applications/convert/sources/Software/Forums/Xenforo.php, line 528 is using the IPBoard DB method instead of the $this->db->select() pointed at the old database.
  • With the donation page, maybe a time period reset for goals, or further expansion would be nice.
  • Does IPBoard rely on loading the .htaccess file for doing checks on the url rewriter, since its telling me it's not functioning properly when it works fine.
  • Reactions supporting SVG would be fantastic so its low in size and sharp on high res screens.
  • Option for reactions to disable empty tabs, as it can quickly get messy.
  • Developer tools, when saving a theme hook, the save and cancel buttons are swapped whereas mostly everywhere else on the forum it's cancel on the left and save on the right.

Just some thoughts :)

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