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Broken Imageproxy links

Gabriel Torres

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Hi guys,

Since we've upgraded to https ("SSL") and enabled the option to save images locally (as recommended), I've seen a few posts with imageproxy.php links broken as in the screenshot below.

I have no idea on how/where to start debugging this. Any ideas?

Note: the link to this post is as below, in case anyone wants to take a look:




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Hard to say. It might have been broken before or the move to the proxy location failed for some reason. 
The code doesn’t include the original URL anymore, so we can’t check whether the original image still exists. 
Unless it’s a problem with all proxy images or you can replicate it for new images, there is probably nothing you can do. 

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Yes, there is no image in the URL to embed - ask the user what they were attempting to do. Maybe they tried to delete the image they pasted in, but it didn't delete in the editor fully for instance. Or maybe you have some sort of blacklist value set up that incorrect broke the URL. It will be hard to know without knowing what URL the user attempted to embed in the first place, however.

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