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Moving forum topics to custom database


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It's nice to have a powerful system like databases in pages.

Given, I guess not very uncommon, I would like to move big parts of the forum into a database I am lost because the "move topics to database" lacks some functionality.

An example what I'd like to do:

Moving some thousands topics including posts to a database to setup a review area.

Right now I have to move every single topic to the database, one by one, after I have to change the date of all posts in the sql database by hand because the original date is replaced by the date the topic gets moved from forum to database.

Btw. all given reactions are lost when you move topics to pages.

Please offer a better way to this function "move topics to database", thanks.


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On 21.2.2018 at 2:23 PM, Adriano Faria said:

I have a custom converter. Send a PM if you want to buy it to use. I can't submit to marketplace but I can sell it ($50) as a custom job.

Thanks Adriano, the converter works perfect, everything is imported even the correct date of topics/posts tags, reactions (even the right date of the reaction given) and hits. :thumbsup:

I can strongly recommend the tool.

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