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Club store? Or Club product?


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Is there a sensible way to associate a product with a club? 

By this I mean people outside the club could not buy it. 

Couldn't possibly make a membership group for each club, say if there were a lot of clubs. 

Maybe it's as "simple" as a permission system that allowed you to see club products in a club section on the store. That way if you were part of multiple clubs you would see multple products from all the clubs you were part of.

This might also translate to events.   




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On 6/26/2018 at 5:03 PM, Cyboman said:

I haven't tested it so far, but if you own the "Classifieds" app, it shows as an option to add this module to any club. Maybe you should ask the author about it, if it works with classifieds.

@Adriano Faria isn't that your app? I think a Club Owner charging membership is cool.


If the Club Owner could also sell say a Ribbon Wreath (quite popular right now i think) that his wife makes, I know he'd buy into the club deal. That's what we need right there!

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59 minutes ago, James Adams said:


Adriano initially released the Clubs Enhancement App.  Several months ago he transferred the app over to InvisionHQ.  We will have to see if InvisionHQ continues to develop and support the app going forward.  In the meantime, Adriano offers up help now and then in regards to issues related to clubs but only to be helpful to the community.  Adriano deserves to be commended by the community for that...

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Adriano initially released the Clubs 

I think this convo is getting off the rails. Thanks for the history @Christopher Anderson


isn't that your app?

I think @Adriano Faria meant No to the Classified app? 

Also I was being clever with my Yes, because he didn't quote, I was Yes on the ability to offer Club Products.


Adriano deserves a little bit of recognition for that...

Also, I am being respectful. I think 22K + posts and 10k + rating is a hint that dude knows what he's doing. Which is why I didn't question his answer. 👍✌️

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