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Importing JSON content into IPS Pages widgets and articles?

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I'm trying to use the free Openwesther API which provides weather data in JSON format. I've also tried to use the XML format into an RSS block but that didn't work, and they don't offer the data in actual RSS format.

I've also been trying to get RSS news article feeds of text and image content into Pages Articles, but bizarrely for a CMS, it's only achievable via a small widget. I'd rather use Pages Articles than Blogs as the main front app.

Is there a modern best practice method to import third party content into IPS? The web seems to be switching to JSON fast from RSS and XML for incorporating third party content between websites, but JSON is not available in the AdminCP.

I can only seem to find RSS in the Pages and widgets sections, but Pages won't provide RSS feeds into Pages articles out of the box, unlike content import into Forums, Blogs and Calendar.

Is it achieved via the REST API? I thought that was more for making IPS content available into external sites and web pages?

Many thanks,

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JSON is just a way to store and exchange data—any data. It’s not meant for anything specific, like RSS is. So you likely always need a custom solution to map the external data structure to a suitable local structure, which in the case of Pages database is also custom in the sense that it can contain any number of fields of various types. 

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