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Secondary user group on registration


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I've already changed the default user group, with 


in conf_global

Is there any way to assign a *secondary* user group at the same stage? I know I can do it easily with promotions for users that joined in the last 24 hours or something, but could I do it automatically right on registration?

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Actually, what I'm trying to do, in case anyone has any better ideas. 

Currently new members are placed into a custom group, so their posts get moderated before they appear. We try and shift them out of this as quickly as possible, and have a hook to display a 'promote' button on their posts, so as soon as it's obvious they're not spam they get promoted to the regular member group. Usually happens after one or two posts.

The additional thing I want to do is highlight members who've recently joined, so volunteers can make sure they get any extra help and (next project) we can have a block solely displaying 'new member posts'. But THAT group should last longer - say 10 posts, or 30 days, whichever happens first. 

So to manage that part of it, I was going to assign all new members to a secondary group and automatically shift them out of it after 30 days / 10 posts.


What I'm thinking I'll do now is go New Members > admin promotes to: > Regular Members + secondary group > automatic removal of secondary group > Regular Members

And any formatting or anything will need to be applied to both New Members and the secondary group.


Thoughts welcome.

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Yeah, don’t do any of that with secondary groups. An entry group for new members is not uncommon. But use a primary group for that and then let them auto-promote to “regulars”. There is little point in using a secondary group for that. 

Regarding the post approval: I suggest you use this feature in member group settings:


Keeps all my sites virtually spam free. 

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Failed again - although there's a 'Member joined more than X days ago' option for group promotions, and I can use that to remove the secondary usergroup, I now realise that the promotions only trigger when there's activity on the member's account - a visit, an admin edit, etc. 

Which means that someone who signs up, makes 5 posts over 2 weeks and then never comes back will never get removed from the secondary usergroup.

I'm thinking the best way to approach this is just a template hook to highlight members where joined < 30 days ago

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