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Return the functionality of IDM


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In the Download Manager for 3.4.9 the categories showed a list of files that were in sub-categories by most recent added for all sub-categories under your current location which allowed us to use the categories to create a library structure. In 3.4.9 you even had an option to show files in subs or not.

In 4.2.4 the categories have been changed and removed all this functionality. It is designed for a more flat structure not a library structure where without the ability to turn the option on to show files in sub-categories really diminishes our library structure we used in 3.4.9. Now when someone is browsing our categories they get a page that says "no files here" to be the first to add a file... The problem with that is that those categories were designed not to have files an if a user wants to see files they have drill all the way down to category tree where files actually exist. This has removed a basic functionality of the download manager that our users depended on and are now complaining about.

It would make sense since the code existed in 3.4.9 that it be included into 4.2.4 at least as an option when setting up a category. Now it's either allow files or don't allow files but no option to show files in sub-categories below the category you're setting up.

I will be happy to answer any questions you may have but I believe this functionality should be brought back.

Thank you.

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