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Setting limit amount of days "Mark as spammer" will delete


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In IPB 3.4 you had the following setting: 

Number of days worth of posts to (un)approve
Enter the number of days worth of posts that flagging a member as spam unapproves (if set above). Enter 0 to select all posts.

Could this setting either be brought back or could you alternatively introduce some other means of requesting additional confirmation from the administrators that use this button on certain members?

For example: 

  • Member have more than x amount of content items that will be hidden or deleted as a result of marking as spammer
  • Member have been registered for more than x days?

This should also be information that is displayed together with the additional confirmation. For example: 
Marking this member as a spammer will delete the 3615 items that this member has written. Please confirm


But, I think the easiest course of action will be to revive the 3.4-setting.


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I always wondered this too. Always feel a rogue mod could 'accidentally' click on that on a known member with thousands of posts - and Poof gone. there should be a setting that protects groups like the warning system does. 


I have all new registrants added to a default group of Curious then they get promoted to Newbie after their first post. By their 6th post they are moved to Members.

Typically once members have > 5 posts its unlikely they will ever be 'marked' as spammer. 

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