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Top right text ( login, new button...) how to change colour?

Peter Wagemans

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I've been looking in the them editor on how to change the colour for that top right text, so I can change the background to white, so I can put the forum logo back on ( looks awful on the blue background ).

Allthough there are a lot of descriptions, and after actually looking at the manual and discovering the easy editor, I applied a gradient that keeps the forum logo on a white background, and the right top side on the dark blue side of the gradient. Still don't know how to change these white things on the top right though. But I have a workaround for now.

Probably it is only accessible in that "designer mode"?

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Thanks.  In my defense.. I didn't start the thread..  I searched for it, found it,  and added the specifics that were asked for.
While using CSS was the method I was going to use next, I was looking for a way to do it in the interface itself.
Thank you for letting me know that it isn't there.  I appreciate it.

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