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I'm joyful at some of the changes that came into Gallery  Will the front page get modernize as well? Current were stock with a static page (in terms of layout) and much work has been done on the uploading and sorting of images. But not much has been improve on the front page to the gallery system from 4.X. There are not many option (much of one) to allow user to change the layout design by user or admin. I ask in the blog but gotten no reply to if there will be any work done to the front page for allowing different function viewpoints to how people want there Gallery to open up to. In the past pictures pop up some randomly I like the feature but it was totally taken out and the current option for the Gallery has been put on the Admin's and communties. Would it have been better to add as an option to allow that feature or some other ones to choose and add diversity to Gallery system?

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