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Main calendar and clubs


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I have set up three different calendars for the "main" calendar feature.

However.. If I move an event from the main calendar or create an event within a club these events won't join the main calendars but ad on an additional one.

This is making everything very confusing since that puts clubcreated calendar posts outside the main calendars and in my case also mix various types of events that belong to different calendars. 

Any way to work around this? A setting? Removing the categories in the main calendar? 

Also reassigning ownership of calendar posts would be an awesome feature ;)

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Club calendars are separate from the main site-level calendars (just like club forums are separate). 4.3 will introduce an option to show them in the main site-level areas, however, which should resolve your concern.

You can import ICS (one time and repeatedly via a task) from the AdminCP presently, but not the front end.

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