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Signature limitations is over-riding for member


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In member group I set limitation in signature for use of one image 300px by 100px maximum size.  However the member is still able to upload a very large image as if its ignoring the size restriction settings. 

On the plus side it does only allow ONE image as per settings

Any ideas how to fix this please?

Thanks if you can help.

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20 hours ago, bfarber said:

Are they uploading the image or linking to it?

Is the user in any other group (perhaps one giving them unrestricted image sizes for instance)?

It was an uploaded image.

Member was in two groups.  Here's what happened though

  • Group1 was set to have 0 images hence I never set the size
  • Group 2 was set to have 1 image max size 300 x 100px

So what happened is it mixed those two group settings up and allowed him 1 image with no size set!  

I have since added max size into Group 1 although that doesn't make sense because I set 0 images.  hmmmmm    I'll just have to remain aware of such things happening.


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  • 1 month later...

I came across with the same issue. But for me signatures were disabled (set to 0) for that usergroup. I believe they uploaded it from profile completion page. I even added 0x0 px for images but still there was over the screen image.

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