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Google Map Very Small for Address Field


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Dear folks, I have am pulling my hair out and trying to get a google map to display properly.

I have Google maps enabled, I have an API key populated in the Google Map configuration, and I have the "Address" field enabled in the default "Article" page.

The address fields do show, they auto populate as I am filling them out for the article, but once I submit the article, the google maps shows up around 30px wide. Please see screen shot.

I have the map dimensions set to default which was 100px for list view, and 200px for article view. The screen shot below is article view. Does anyone know how to fix this so the map shows as it's supposed to show?

Now if I click on that little map, it takes me to the Google website to display map, with a marker the marker shows up in the correct location, but I am expecting to see a map in my article?

Thanks for any help



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Thanks opentype, if you can spare the time, here are a few screen shots of my settings for Address.

I've flipped these switches in various combinations and could not get any improvements for the display of the map. I was able to get the address field to display at the bottom of the article, but still no map, please see first screen shot for new position, we are getting closer!


Current settings for the Address field that produced the results above.



This caught my eye this morning, the Topic Format, perhaps I need to enter in some variables at Topic Format that control the display of the map?


Thanks for your help!


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