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Support conversation and sidebar appearing in single column


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The other day I hit a key or key combination while in a support ticket and it switched from the usual view with the conversation in one column and the sidebar in another, to a one column view. It's really frustrating to use it this way now, but the only fix I have found is setting my browser to a zoom of 90%, below 100% which makes the text smaller and harder to read.

I have tried clearing cookies/web data, another support account, and trying a different browser, but none of those things have fixed the issue. I assume there is a shortcut that I can hit that would undo this, but I haven't been able to find a list of shortcuts for support in IPB.


Any help or advice would be appreciated :)

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The sidebar appears, where there is enough space for it. So there is no “IPS shortcut”. It’s related to the zoom of your browser or your operating system. Since I don’t know them, you would have to check it out yourself and reset them. I reset my browser zoom on the Mac with CMD + 0 for example. 

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