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Pages - Why no built-in option to import articles via RSS

The Old Man

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Given that you can import via RSS into a basic Pages Widget, and you can import from RSS into forums, I've found it really odd that Pages doesn't all you to import news into Database Articles.

I'd like to set up that up on the main page of a couple of potential new IPS sites, so that I can import news releases from a few selected websites and combine them so that members can comment on them. I asked in a support ticket and the response was 


There is no way in which to do this directly into the pages databases at the present time, unfortunately.

That seems such a shame.  I realise there is a plug-in but it's quite expensive and doesn't have the benefits of a supported built-in feature.

Being allowed to aggregate news feeds and other content via RSS out of the box would be a great Pages feature.

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