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Curious situation - a possible bug?

Administrator logout from his account. At the same tab of a browser login to a Member account - everything is ok. Member logout from his account. Again in the same tab of the browser login administrator. Administrator account is blocked for 14 minutes ...(w00t)

I did this test several times / after 14 minutes there is no problem with admin logging /

Can anyone confirm a bug or I can create ticket?

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7 minutes ago, Ramsesx said:

I have a similar issue, after making a test upgrade to the latest release from 4.3.6 and want to login I get the 14 minutes message. At the same time it keeps me logged in on acp.  @Adlago What was your solution?

As far as I remember, it was still a long time ago, and I did one my test account -admin account (phpmyadmin core_members) - by changing the group to 4.
After logging in with an ACP test account, I unlocked a primary admin account and removed the cache site.
I then removed the browser cache and cookies.

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