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How can I prevent disabling signature viewing?


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When editing profile/ my account settings/signatures... a member is able to switch off all signature views.

is there a way to prevent them doing this because having a nice signature with image and link is one of the perks for being a premium biz member on my site?

I have checked per member group but cannot see any setting to prevent them blocking signatures.

Thanks if you can help

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Edit - add this code;)

#ipsTabs_elSettingsTabs_setting_signature_panel .ipsToggle.ipsToggle_on,#ipsTabs_elSettingsTabs_setting_signature_panel .ipsToggle.ipsToggle_off,#ipsTabs_elSettingsTabs_setting_signature_panel .ipsFieldRow_content .ipsFieldRow_desc,.cPost_contentWrap.ipsPad .ipsPos_right i.fa.fa-times,.cPost_contentWrap.ipsPad .ipsPos_right i.fa.fa-caret-down{display:none} 


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