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Problem installing test forum


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I raised a support ticket regarding this but havent had any response yet so thought I'd post here to see if anyone has any ideas.

I have tried installing the test forum on my site civic5.com (which already runs IPB suite) and I can get through the part for the license key (with the TESTINSTALL on the end of it) but during the installation the process stops on the server details page. It is asking for the database name, but I assumed it would create a new database so that the one used for my live forum would be untouched? It states in the field for the database name that if left blank it will create a new database, but if I leave it blank it just keeps asking to complete that field and won't go any further.

Can you advise what the issue may be?

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4 minutes ago, Adlago said:

cPanel/phpMyAdmin -> Create a new blank database with a name you want.
Put this name in a field.

Perfect Adlago! I'd just created a new database litterally 2 mins ago to see if it would work and have done as you said and it seems to be installing.



Update: Just checked again and install complete! Thank you for your help mate, appreciated. :thumbsup:

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