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User Info Panel - Custom Fields?


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Good Day,

I have searched and searched and tried numerous plugins and apps to no avail.

We run an RPG with our Invision board. Is there a mod/plugin/app that allows us to use our created custom profile fields on the User Panel on a 'per group' basis in topics and post replies?

For example: Our "characters" have specific profile fields for quick reference (age, marital status, etc.). For our in-character topics, it'd be great to have those display on the User Info Panel because right now, it looks naked. Would also like to be able to provide a clean link to their character bio. At the same time, we wouldn't want the same fields to show on our out-of-character user accounts, but maybe other fields for that.


~ Stormwolfe

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@Adriano Faria 

This might be what I'm looking for, but I'm not 100% sure. What I'm trying to do is force a round peg into a square hole and make IP work seamlessly as a storytelling RPG (where each of my members and I write stories as specific characters). To that end, we have our main account linked to the accounts of whichever characters we write for.

I have created several custom fields with basic character info: age, marital status, who plays them, etc. which displays just fine on the account profiles. But, I would like some that info to display in the User Info Panel in the posts. Show just the custom fields I designate. The custom user info mods I've found pull in all kinds of stats, but not what I want and you can't add to them.

Below is a screen of where I want the custom created profile fields to appear. I love your mods, so if it does that - I'll be all over it.

Thanks for your response!


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