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Percentage calculation on multiple choice poll questions


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You do something peculiar with poll questions I think. Take the following multiple choice question:


One member have voted (me) and I chose two of the three alternatives. 

To me it seems clear that what the percentage meter should measure is: "How many percent of the persons that voted eat ...?". So the answer I expect is: 100% of people eat apples, 100% of people eat cakes and 0% of people bananas. 

Instead, Invision Community decides to calculate the score based on the amount of points given, instead of the amount of persons giving points. 


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As the poll usage differs, each poll question should have a standalone setting, how the percentage is shown.

Let members select their percentage display style for each poll question separately.

If there won't be such an option, please keep the current calculation (= sum of all answer percentages is 100%; and NOT per answer).

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