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Subscriptions require Commerce


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I realize after doing a demo of Invision, as well as signing up for one month on the hosted offering, that Subscriptions are only available if the Commerce application is present. A few other forum products I've also looked at have Subscriptions (and payment provider configuration) included in the base product. In terms of the self-hosted options, Commerce costs an extra $100 initially, plus $70 per year for updates. For someone who will never use any of the various options provided by Commerce, other than Subscriptions/payment providers (and perhaps paid clubs), I am wondering if there are any plans to have a stripped down Commerce option available that would just have basic features.

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10 minutes ago, hippydonna said:

I mean in the admin cp - there is no 'subscriptions' tab like it was shown in the article. 

I can do renewing packages but it doesn't work at all like the Subscriptions where the customer can actually see their expiry date.

Do you mean https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/43-commerce-subscription-manager-r1077/ ?
That's a screenshot of the changes from the upcoming 4.3 release, but the feature is already there, just follow the instructions from @Adriano Faria


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