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Default Tag to trigger similar content block


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I like the similar content block that seems to be triggered by tags used. However, when there are no tags used there is no similar content block and I think in some cases it would be good to be able to just put a default tag if one does not exist, to trigger the block to show something for content on the page and SEO. 

Maybe a setting within the block where you can add a default tag to be used to trigger the block on, if tags don't exist.

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On 2/2/2018 at 10:31 AM, bfarber said:

How would it determine which content is similar in that case?

I was first thinking of setting some default words in admin panel lets say, maybe if your community was around a certain niche...but that may be too broad. Maybe default tags by forum when you create a new forum if tags aren't entered to trigger? Or if there are no tags, maybe you take the title of the topic and strip out words that are over a certain amount of characters. I think the similar content block drives more engagement and if the user doesn't see anything, then it's a missed opportunity to stay on the site. I was just brainstorming on how to get something when no tags are used. ;)

So for those no reply/not tagged topics, it may bring in additional content on the page for people to click into. 

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