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Checkout page: additional legal info above purchase button


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The checkout overview page currently displays

  • the customers address
  • an order overview (with TAX)
  • payment options
  • a checkout button (buy / pay / proceed order)

But there is no option to display individual text with links to additional pages just directly above the button.

Due to legal requirements, there should be at least a text/link field to enter

  1. important legal informations concerning the purchase that will be directly initiated after checkout, f.e. refund policies
  2. important legal informations concerning that you have read and understood the special terms for purchasing f.e. digital files

As different apps have different product types and require different text lines and links, just use the permission set at checkout, for which apps products these fields will be displayed or not.

So please, just let us have some editable html enabled text fields to put a html formatted text line into it and the option to require an additional checkmark box for each text line, which if not checked, results in an inactive "purchase button". 

That's all :) Thanks.

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