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Potential contamination of storage


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Today I watched some stats and see some interesting:


very flat line of storage consumption. This is not possible in the case of user activity. And off course, I went to study this issue :lol:

First I checked the directory with logs. This dir empty (bacause we not store logs in storage :lol:). Second stage - i get the size of imageproxy folder:


Hmmm... so much. Actually we didn't set any expire date for them. So it should store all files - it's okay. But.


Hmm.. let's check how many files we stored..


I tried to put Xzibit image here (got it from google image).. and didn't know why it's not embed. Just a red field error. Ok.. Forget it)


Ok. Stop fun. Let's investigate it. At first i create temp amazon s3 bucket and configure it in my IPS docker container. I has 4 members with letter photos. After configure they images moved to new bucket. Ok. After thet i upload a profile image and got error... Ok. May be my environment issue. Let's try again. Second try was success and original and thumb image stored well. But! My image which i try to upload at first time stored too. It's not deleted. And letter photo of user not deleted too. Ok. Let's switch back to 'no photo' = letter photo. Thumb and original image deleted well. First error image stored. So, i think you already understand the problem.


This is basically enough to ask the guys to figure out the error. But you know me. I love to goo deeper and help to solve source of problem. Let's see that code:


We have just two error handlers. First - if the responce code is not 200 and second - only for specific error \IPS\Http\Request\Exception. Of something other happened - nothing will logged. On production forums i have 0 errors of that lines. I am sure there are a lot of situations, when something happend bad (i remember that problems). But nothing logged.

So first proposal - improve this error catching. It's important to controll and understand current health.

I'll investigate what actuall error i got in response there and post it here soon.

Thanks for you attension :thumbsup:

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