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Duplicate user detection

Gabriel Torres

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One of the great improvents brought with version 4.2 is the detection of the user's device, so we can find what other users accessed our community using the same device. However, this functionality is hidden inside the ACP, and I bring today a few ideas for you guys to improve this functionality. The goal is to detect users with multiple accounts, a recurring problem we have in our community (namely, users creating a second account just to troll other users).

So here are my suggestions:

1. A report to list all users who might be duplicates, i.e. accessed the community using the same device. This report could have a "dismiss" option at each entry to remove/ignore false positives (e.g., husband and wife accessing the community using a shared computer).

2. A block at the front-end, at the user's profile page, to allow moderators to see if that user might be a duplicate from another user, i.e. if the user has accessed from a device also used by another user.

3. Notify admins of users logging in that might be a duplicate.



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