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ACP identification/branding


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I have 4 active licenses and often multiple ACPs open at the same time. More than once, I changed things in the wrong ACP by mistake. Not funny if you would send out bulk mails to the wrong members for example. :rofl:

It would be nice to have an official ACP option to clearly identify on which site I am, e.g. by replacing the logo in the top left corner or by assigning a color to the header bar. That would be enough. 

I understand I can edit the ACP theme resources and CSS to achieve this already, but I think a better and easier solution would be to make this an ACP option itself, independent from any themes, which might get updated and replaced. 

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10 minutes ago, Adriano Faria said:

@opentype, does that help?

Like I said: I can help myself by editing the themes set for the ACP and so I am not looking for any workarounds. I just wanted to recommend it as stock feature for IPS. 

(Showing the name alone doesn’t do very much for me, since I could also check the browser address bar for that. Different graphics/colors would work much better.)

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