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Hide an image-only Advertisement on mobile?

Thomas P

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Hi folks,

how can I hide an Image-Only Advertisement on Mobiles and Tablets?

I read that topic here, which isn't what I need since I have no code - just an image.

Basically we use Skyscraper which doesn't make any sense on mobiles...

Workaround would be to add a single pixel gif using "Upload smaller version", but this sounds awkward to me.

Thank you,

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19 minutes ago, Fast Lane! said:

The ad still renders but is hidden with css. 

No. Display:none means, it is “not rendered”. That’s the whole point. It’s not set to “hidden” or moved from the screen or anything like that. 


If this is a 3rd party network you are likely violating their TOS.

Google specifically allows the case that was discussed here (hiding as part of a responsive design). You are allowed to not show an ad slot at all on smaller devices. Of course you are. It’s not like Google would force you to show the ad slot no matter what. 



Google’s example code which does exactly that: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/6307124#hide

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