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Profile header distorted with many shown informations


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In the members profile header, there are many informations shown like

  • joined date
  • reputation count
  • last visited
  • days won

But many other applications or plugins use the same display location for their informations, f.e.

  • inactive members & real last activity
  • points system
  • ...

Problem is, that if the informations take up too much space and exceed the line limit.
Then the whole profile informations will  be distorted and moved below the header (probably a line break)

We require a better solution for this.

A possible solution could be to shorten these informations, f.e.

  • joined date shouldn't be September 10, 2000 but 09/10/2000 or 10.09.2000
  • transform the information titles like "joined date" into "symbol bubbles" like Lithium does it in their profile views

There should be an optimization for the member profile pages, as more and more informations will be coming and taking up place there.

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  • 3 months later...

Never got any help with this.

I can only suggest, you shorten the language strings for counter titles as well as the counter infos...

That's what I did.

It still looks ugly and totally overloaded, but at least, there is no line break.

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