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Moving to Amazon AWS EC2


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I am moving my site from Hostgator to Amazon AWS. I got the EC2 instance setup with apache, mysql, php 7 and phpmyadmin and right now I don't have DNS set up for this site so I am using the IP for now until I get everything working like it should for a smooth transition. I edited the conf_global.php file with the ip address in the url.

I backed up all files for my IPB install, dumped the database via phpyadmin and transfered everything over. I chmod 777 all the folders that needed to be and it checks out in the support tool that those folders are writable. However none of the themes will load at all. The admincp won't load it's theme either and I have switched the theme to use the default for both front end and admincp with no change. Everything is text only.

I have cleared the cache via the support tool as well and have used the Check Again link over and over again with the same result. Nothing is showing in the error log or system log to point to the problem.

I noticed when browsing links that it still shows my old domain in the browser status bar instead of the ip address I set in the conf. I wonder if this is the issue? Do I need to clear out the domain in other places?

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