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Restrict Editing of Birthdate?


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I've been searching for information or add-ons that control the members birth date.  Age is an integral part of an adult website.  Allowing an user to change their birthday translates to that person being 50 one day and 21 the next.  Of course, I realize that as long as they enter a birthday over 18 years of age at registration, does it really matter, without proper validation?  No. 

But, in an attempt to maintain continuity and limit fraud....is there a way?

I would like to display age on the profile, but the only way that the date can be altered is from the ACP.

Alternatively, is there a possible way to simply remove it from the template on the user interface so they simply do not see it or have the ability to edit it?  I had a beautiful app in 3.4 that handled all of this and there is a similar app available that forces the fill of the birthdate, but doesn't seem to prevent it's edit.

Thak you in advance for any help!

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Go into Members > Profiles > Profile Fields tab.

Create a new field:


The "Age" field will display on the Registration form, be required, and isn't editable by the member.

There are probably developers who can create exactly what you want.

Hope this helps!

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